I really enjoy this new venture of art restoration. I'll call myself your friendly neighbourhood touch-up artist.

These three images show my process. 1. There is a scrape in the canvas and some water damage. 2. I cleaned the painting, filled the indentation and primed the area.  3. I matched color and blended it into the background.  The owner couldn't find the original damage.

Repairs don't need to change the authenticity of the work.  Cracks in the varnish keep a nostalgic feel. Filling nicks and scrapes improve the beauty and preservation quality.  White will be the first to discolor so it will look great with a touch up.

Cleaning off a layer of dust will show the bright clarity of the original colors. The example below shows both before and after. If you are re-framing a family heirloom or pulling an antique out of the attic consider bringing it to the touch-up artist in Lethbridge, Alberta.

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