My first YA speculative fiction novel!
SHIFTERS has made it to #15 of Amazon's YA action adventure list! I am pitching it now as a graphic novel.

Here's my favorite review so far:

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Exquisite YA-Urban Fantasy & SciFi June 7, 2012
I found this YA novel engrossing and immensely invigorating. There's no wasted wordage, no dropped plot threads, just moment-to-moment excitement and adventure, with the romance, friendship, character integrity, and villainous "overlords" woven in intricately. Just as importantly, the story line is so very plausible: almost any contemporary society today is aware of how close it could come to a fascist "Big Brother" type society, without even realizing until too late.

The characters in this book are at first selectively chosen students of a new University, selected presumably for their higher capabilities. Yet they don't understand, amid all the rigid rules and strictures, that their value is in their DNA. It is not until one of her former neighbourhood playmates, a boy she has known for years, disappears from the University that Halina realizes something terrible is afoot, and she, Yussef, and Jan begin to explore what it is-and discover the concept of "Shifters"-those who can pass among alternate dimensions.


Reality shifting could destroy Lina's life—or help her overthrow a government conspiracy…

While coping with classes and crushes at an elite private school that has a 'big brother' approach to surveillance and implants strange I.D. tags under each student's skin, Lina Pawlak discovers that students are disappearing. A government agency, Special Force, is creating a superior race of humans by weeding out those with “corrupt” DNA.

Lina yearns to be a normal teenage girl, though she's anything but "normal." She's a shifter, and her realities are about to multiply. Shifting from one reality to the next, she clings to sanity, tries to prevent a mass genocide and deals with a reoccurring dilemma—she can’t save everyone in every reality.

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"In Halli Lilburn's sci-fi adventure, Shifters, a group of elite students traverse a minefield of alternate realities to discover there's one enduring thing worth fighting for - their freedom."

~ Judith Graves, author of the SKINNED series.
"It has me in thrall, wanting to solve these mysteries along with the kids."
 - Gerald Weinberg author of Mistress of Molecules
"I liked it, good conspiracy stories are always fun, I also like it when the main character is out of her element, a world just a little bit different from your own and you never know when you will say or do the wrong thing."    - Dagga, reviewer

"This is really an engaging and absorbing story.  The lead is likeable, fallible, and finds a lot of growth.  The romance is well times and not eye-rolling at all.  The imagery is subtle and clean as is the hint dropping". -  April Demes, editor

"I finished the book and LOVE it! Wow! So amazing! It was hard to put down at night. I read until my eyes blurred over and I couldn't read any more." - Abby Fowers, reveiwer

Interview questions 

What motivated you to write this book? Where did the idea come from?
The idea actually came from a dream that I had.  Almost all of my manuscripts begin as dreams.  My subconscious brain must be more creative than my conscious brain.  There is lots of fictional technology and I’m not a computer buff, but the great thing is I get to make it up.  If it’s not invented yet then who’s to say I’m wrong?

If “Shifters” was turned into a movie, who would you like to play the main characters?  I love dreaming about this.  The problem is because my characters are so young, the actors that I like are all too old.  IF age didn’t matter, here’s who I would pick:
Lina – Actually she's based on a good friend of mine, so I would pick her or Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games)
Yusef – Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire)
Torvald – Kellan Lutz (Twilight)
Glynis - Saoirse Ronan (Hannah)
Jan - Suzuka Ohgo  (Memoirs of a Geisha)